Coping Pregnancy with Type 2 Diabetes

Pregnancy is a stage when a woman is fraught with several changes both emotionally and physically and to top it if she is afflicted with Type 2 Diabetes, it may seem as if her life has turned upside down.

Knowing Type 2 diabetes

Before you learn how to handle Type 2 diabetes, it is vital to know its effects on health of a woman. Firstly, Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition which is a result of upheaval in insulin production in the blood. Type 2 diabetes is basically an offshoot of genes as well as lifestyle. In case, if a woman has type 2 diabetes, it basically connotes that her blood glucose levels aren’t in required range. They have increased and this can be attributed to factors such as obesity, stress etc. Stress can cause the hormone levels of the body to go berserk.

Planning pregnancy with Type 2 Diabetes

Even if woman is afflicted with Type 2 diabetes she can still become pregnant. But in this case natal care holds a lot of significance especially during the time when vital organs of the fetus are in development stage. It is hugely important to keep sugar levels under control at least three to six months prior to conception. Mentioned below are some of crucial points which need be followed in order to ensure healthy pregnancy.

Pre-natal Care-Points to ponder

  • Make a visit to your gynecologist prior to conception so that you keep a tab on your blood glucose level.  This way you will also be able to keep it within right range.
  • Follow a suitable exercise regime
  • The ideal blood sugar level range is between 60-119 milli gram in a day prior to a meal and between 100-149 milli gram an hour post meal.
  • Also maintain a healthy weight as an obese woman faces higher rate of miscarriage.

Lifestyle Changes

It is essential to make healthy lifestyle changes if a woman wishes to get pregnant. Few of the things which call for instant attention are-;

Do away with habits such as smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking have an adverse affect on conception chances and also on health on the unborn baby. What’s more, in combination with type-2 diabetes these habits increase the peril of transferring different diseases via placenta to baby.

Right BMI

Body mass index is an ideal tool to find out fitness levels of the body. For a pregnant woman, having appropriate body mass index is crucial. If the body mass index exceeds 27, the doctor advises the woman to reduce weight by adoption of healthy practices. Alternatively, if the woman is under-weight again the chances of infertility are higher. BMI of woman should not be below 18.

Medications for Type 2 Diabetes

In case the expecting lady is dependent on oral medications it is recommended to that she must switch to insulin intake in case required after consultation with the doctor. Diabetes if not taken seriously can cause serious complications. Also, if the woman is taking any other kind of medication or supplements it should also be discussed with the doctor. For example, if she is taking any medication for thyroid the doctor should be aware of the same.

Consume diabetic friendly food

Consume food which is good for a diabetic such as oatmeal, legumes etc. Stable glucose level is must other health of the child will be adversely affected.