I Haven’t Felt So Good in Ages

I fell down a small flight of steps about six months ago. I did get up slowly, but I considered myself fortunate that I was able to get up at all. Granted, it was only four steps, but it still hurt. I thought that I would just give myself a couple of days, then my body would feel normal again. I even took some over the counter pain pills, which is something I rarely do, because I wanted to help accelerate the healing process. Three days later, I knew I needed to see a Petaluma chiropractor.

Instead of getting better, it seemed to be heading in the other direction. It hurt to do just about anything, from getting out of bed to bending over to pick something up off the floor. I didn’t feel as if anything serious was wrong, because I was able to still do things, there was just a lot of pain involved with it. I knew that the best person to see would be a doctor who has the most knowledge about back pain, since that seemed to be where the majority of the pain was located.

I had never needed to see this kind of doctor before, so I was not sure who to see or what to expect. I did some research online first, and I was happy with everything that I found out. I was also pleased to find a well respected chiropractor just minutes away. I was able to get an appointment for that same day. I had to have some imaging tests done because of the level of pain I was in, and I was just relieved to know that there was no major damage done. The chiropractor came up with a treatment plan that included manipulations, therapy that I would do at home, and even massages, and I was feeling better by the time I walked out of his office. It took me about a month before I felt super though, and I go back at least once every month or so to get a tune up. I have not felt this good in ages!