Medicine Has Been Improved by Digital Imaging

Digital imaging has revolutionized healthcare. It has made healthcare better for patients and has improved the ability of healthcare providers to give their patients the best care in an efficient manner. Digital imaging affects the bottom line of the hospital as well and allows for a more efficient workflow. Since most people only think about digital imaging when they actually need a procedure done, it is unlikely that many have thoroughly thought about how digital imaging has improved the medical experience they receive.

One of the biggest pluses of digital imaging is that it allows the entire team working with the patient to get immediate access to relevant information about the patient regardless of their location. Since imaging, such as MRI, CAT scans, and x-rays, can be sent digitally anywhere around the world, there is no problem of sending information, and duplicate teams are not needed to do the same work.

Digital images can be stored on a server. This means that digital images for patients are at a central location and can be retrieved by multiple computers simultaneously. Since the images are stored on a hard drive, there is no worry of records being damaged. And since these hard drives have multiple backups and redundancies, there is no chance of the digital images getting lost.

Digital images are a lot easier to study. It is a lot easier to duplicate, enhance, and add notes to a digital copy of an image. Digital images do not need to be processed, so chemicals that were used in the past, film, and extra personnel are no longer needed. Medical digital imaging removes the need to physically go and shuffle through a bunch of files or films to search for those that have been lost or missing. Now, the images are digitally indexed. So simply searching a keyword allows a medical professional to find the information they need.

Doctors are able to get access to the information they need without leaving their desk. From one location they can look at, print, or even email needed medical documents.