Reasons to Replace Silver Fillings – Even If They’re Not That Old

Silver fillings are among the most popular types of fillings. They’re affordable and for the most part rather sturdy, so it makes sense that you may have chosen them in the past. However, if you’re having buyer’s remorse over the silver fillings, it’s not too late to replace them with composite resin or another suitable material. This is true even if you only recently had the fillings put in.

A White Smile

Check out the fillings performed at With a cosmetic specialist’s touch, fillings can look so natural, no one will even know you have them. If tooth whitening is important to you, why ruin all that work you do to get them bright and white by dotting them with splashes of silver? Even if they’re in teeth toward the back, you’ll know they’re there and other people can still see them when you laugh or open your mouth widely.

Possible Metal Allergies

If you are very allergic to silver and the other materials in your fillings, you’ll know right away. The surrounding gums would grow red and swollen and possibly painful. In that case, it’s essential you get your fillings removed as soon as possible without delay. Still, you can have a mild allergy even without such an obvious reaction. Mild swelling, discomfort and just a general feeling that something is not quite right in your mouth are reasons enough to reexamine the fillings and consider getting them in new material. You might also pass on the fillings entirely, instead opting for a crown or veneer made out of porcelain instead of metal.

Routine Replacement

All fillings should be replaced on a regular basis – usually every few years. Strengthen your fillings and stop the progression of decay by getting new composite resin or other material fillings. If you’ve been eager for white fillings, you may as well get them replaced now, even if it’s early. A cosmetic reason is just as good a reason as any to get them updated, and you’ll have that much more time before you need to replace them again.

Don’t be embarrassed – ask your dentist about replacement fillings. Speak with a cosmetic dentist specialist today and discover that filling replacement is one of the most common types of cosmetic dentistry. You might also find that veneers, implants or alignment will improve your smile even more so you can feel confident showing off your teeth.